Workgroup Service Optimization


Increase efficiency and at the same time increase customer satisfaction – Utopy or reality?
Companies do not only in hard economic times need to be more efficient. Strong competitors, price wars, saturated markets and lots of different factors make efficiency for companies an essential part for survival. But can efficency be increased without decreasing customer satisfaction levels and net promoter score levels?
In this workgroup we want to discuss this. Professionals from all branches are invited to the workgroup.

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Workgroup Smart Living

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Creating the service ecosystem for intelligent living in the future!
With the help of new tools (Internet of things, smarthome etc. ) modern ways of living are made accesible to a broader audience. That creates the basis for new service ecosystems. People will be able to cover all their needs around living and co-living instantaneously and easily. The SISS workgroup allows relevant player in this area to meet and transform this vision into reality.

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