The SISS is a non-profit organization, legally constituted as an association according to Art. 60-79 ZGB. Members of the association are public or private organizations which are active in the field of service science. Currently, all members of SISS are research institutes of different Swiss universities.

However, each organization lives from people. Therefore, we award individual membership to personalities who

  • are employed by one of the members organizations
  • are active in the field of service science, and an expert in at least one particular area
  • are committed to share their work with the others in workshops, seminars, presentations, etc.

Companies or public entities may choose to become so-called “strategic partners” of SISS. This partnership model allows the partners to boost their service innovation power strategically by having a long-term cooperation and relationship with SISS.

Both memberships and strategic partnership are coupled to a financial contribution. Please contact a board member for further information.

Location of members of SISS association