The Swiss Institute of Service Science (SISS) is dedicated to creating service innovation in Switzerland by close cooperation of universities and companies. Typically, this cooperation is done in the form of joint projects, including one or more company, and one or more researchers. Each project is built individually in order to best match the needs of the involved company. In many cases, university researchers may be financed by public research funds, in particular from Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI, the Swiss Federal innovation promotion agency.

Services for companies

The SISS offers the following services to companies or public entities that want to explore the opportunities of a collaboration.

SISS Free Services
SISS offers workshops for companies in order to find out what the experts of SISS might contribute for the service innovation of the company.
SISS helps companies to identify the best interdisciplinary team of SISS researchers for tackling a given (even vague) innovation idea. Our experts come from the fields of technology (ICT), management, operations, marketing, psychology, and others (see list of members).
SISS supports companies in opening additional financing sources from research funds for innovation projects, thus enabling more challenging and innovative projects that may lead to innovation quantum leaps.


SISS Services for companies
SISS offers strategic workshops with the mangement team of a company to help discover specific strategic innovation areas, and working out ways to realize them with or without support of SISS. The best experts of SISS are selected for such a workshop.


SISS Community Services
Innovation colloquiums where leading experts (national and international) share their knowledge and innovation projects. This colloquium is hold at different locations all over Switzerland at the same time, where all locations are coupled together in one virtual room. This allows a participation with short travel distances.
An information platform around the issues of service innovation
Hosting of conferences on service science, bringing together the best expert nationally and internationally.
Maintaining a strong link to the international research and innovation community, and bringing the latest international trends into Switzerland

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