Service Science and the Information Professional
Yvonne de Grandbois, Geneva School of Management, Switzerland
– describes service science and why it is growing as a discipline
– explains why information professionals need to know about it
– shows the value of research, and the importance of participating in this field
– presents a trans-disciplinary approach to the traditional subject of library and information sciences
– asks whether Information Studies programmes can be leaders in this field

Service science is a new trans-disciplinary field that touches on subjects such as computer science, engineering, management, business, and the social and cognitive sciences. This book demonstrates to information professionals in all sectors that this new discipline exists and why it is relevant to them. It has emerged as we transition to a service and information-based economy, and libraries will deal with both information and services. Information technology, customer service, service innovation and management of services are imbedded in the study of information science, yet grants for the development of service science appear to be going to computer science and engineering schools. Research in service science can be of great benefit to libraries, and information service outlets can be a tremendous field of research for this new science. Information professionals need to be informed of this new discipline and inspired to participate in it.


Readership: Information professionals across all sectors including students and professors in departments of information studies, schools of library and information sciences, i-Schools, management and business schools. Private sector companies interested in the economic value of information, Information Technology and public relations specialists will also find this book of interest.

ISBN 1 84334 649 4
ISBN-13: 978 1 84334 649 4
April 2013