The Swiss Institute of Service Science (SISS) is a collaboration network of professionals both from industry and universities, who work jointly together to push forward service innovation in Switzerland, and to strenghen the Swiss service sector by innovation.

The unique approach of SISS is based on a scientific approach, known as “Service Science”, and is focused on the application and implementation of this approach in companies and public service providers.

Our approach is based on an interdisciplinary and holistic view of services, integrating the three basic dimensions of services

  • the business dimension: costs, revenues, operations, business models
  • the technological dimension: information and communication technologies as an intrinsic part of modern services
  • the human dimension: psychological and sociological aspects, perception and behavior, human at the center of services

At SISS, we transcend the borders of the classical disciplinary silos of IT specialists, business people, and customer-focused antropologists by bringing professionals from different disciplines together in interdisciplinary project teams. Together, they develop new services and improve existing services, thus creating both innovative and successful solutions for the 21th century.

Applications include banks and insurance companies, telecom companies, government agencies, health care and senior citizen care industries, and manufacturing industry developing new services for their products.

The mission of the SISS is:

  • generating innovation and knowledge by integrating business, engineering, and human factors into a joint approach
  • supporting the implementation and dissemination of knowledge in Switzerland by cooperation of universities and industry
  • bringing together researchers and practitioners for creating innovation and smart solutions
  • using its international network for stimulating innovation in Switzerland

The SISS consists of more than 40 researchers of 8 different research institutes in Switzerland, and service professionals of numerous Swiss companies.